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Meister Stahlbau AG     Art and garden design
     EN-1090-2, EXC 3
  • Laser Cutting
  • Folding
  • Plate bending
  • Section bending
  • Welding
  • Mechanical processing
  • Cylinders, pipes, segments
  • Cones
  • Conical supports (pylons)
  • Column casings
  • Stair stringers
  • Curved beams, pipes, sections
  • Art and garden design
  • Example projects
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      Möbius loop
    1790 - 1868

    Overall realisation
    Ernst Ghenzi, Uznach 

    Meister Stahlbau AG 

    Bent from one stainless steel strip 5000 x 600 x 20 mm 

    Place your finger on the work of art on the outer or inner surface and see how you have to follow it round twice to reach the same point again. 

      Möbius strip

    We created another Möbius strip for Technorama in Winterthur

      Landscape gardening

    Stainless steel sheet pool for garden pond
    Length = 6500 mm / Width = 3000 mm / Sheet thickness = 10 mm

      Garden fire pit

    This artistically curved sheet metal results in an elegant garden fire pit

      Fire pit

    This artistically crafted conical tube is used by our customer as a fire pit.

  • Height: 
  • 4000 mm
  • Plate thickness:
  • 10 mm
        "Cornet" / roundabout in Goldach / St Gallen

    Artist: Peter Baumgartner, Goldach / St Gallen

        "Tension-Energy" / roundabout in Root / Lucerne

    Artist: Costas, Varotsos, Athens
    Photo: Brazia Branco

      Roundabout in Heerbrugg at SFS
  • Height: 
  • 6,000 mm
  • Plate thickness:
  •  8 mm
  • Material:
  • 1.4404

    Sculptor: Andreas Reichlin, Immensee

        "Peace Bell" / sculpture at Henry Dunant Museum in Heiden / Appenzell Ausserrhoden

    Artist: Luci Schenker 

        "Chronos" / sculpture at Saint-Imier

    Artist: Markus Furrer and Roland von Gunten 

        "Mann mit Schaufel" / sculpture in Altenrhein / St Gallen

    Artist: Peter Baumgartner, Goldach / St Gallen 

      Aluminium sculpture in Neuhausen at the Rhine Falls

    To commemorate the company's 100th anniversary in 1989 and the first industrial manufacture of aluminium in Europe 100 years ago.

    Bending work carried out by Meister Stahlbau AG.

    Artist: Ernesto Hebeisen

    Plate thickness: 50mm

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