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Meister Stahlbau AG     Experts in laser cutting
     EN-1090-2, EXC 3
  • Laser Cutting
  • Folding
  • Plate bending
  • Section bending
  • Welding
  • Mechanical processing
  • Cylinders, pipes, segments
  • Cones
  • Conical supports (pylons)
  • Column casings
  • Stair stringers
  • Curved beams, pipes, sections
  • Art and garden design
  • Example projects
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    Laser Maschine

    • Cut length = 20m
    • Cut width = 3.5m
    • Bevelhead

    • The 5 axis head cuts directly with a welding edge preparation up to 50°
    • Smallest hole diameter = half thickness of plate
    • Marking and labeling 

    • Thickness w/ Construction Steel:   25mm
    • Thickness w/ Stainless Steel:    15mm
    • Thickness w/ Aluminium:      12mm

    Accuracies to a matter of tenths and we offer much more with laser cutting in large formats.

    Our specialists will be happy to advise you. Get in contact with us.

      Laser cutting

    With the newest laser cutting technilogy, we cut plates with the highest speed and up to 12m in length.
    (Pictured: Bystronic-Laser)

    Thicknesses possible using the Bystronic-Laser
    • Construction Steel:        25mm
    • Stainless Steel, Aluminium:   30mm
    • Copper, Brass:            12mm
      Laser cutting

    The welding edge is cut directly from the panel in one step.

      Laser cutting

    Any shapes and curves, even with sloping edges.

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